What is Montessori?

Maria Montessori noticed that children under six years absorb stimuli from the outside world without limits, and so they build the foundation for all of their future life. She concluded that each child has a special mind she called absorbing mind - a strong desire to explore everything around them using senses and seeking independence. She recognized a certain moments which she called Sensitive periods, during which a child acquires certain skills more easily than in any other period of life. This includes Sensitive period for order, language, social interaction, movement, small objects, etc.. The environment created in the Montessori schools, supports these moments.

Learning equipment is systematically placed on shelves that are easily accessible to children. Children aged 2-6 years can create their own mini-organizations within their groups. Younger children learn by observing older and older children benefit when helping younger. Mixing age groupsallow children to develop the social, intellectual and emotional skills, and is an essential element of the Montessori class.

The Montessori Method emphasizes the uniqueness of each child. It is based on the observation of young children and identifying their needs directly from them. Every child is taught individually and encouraged to learn at their own pace.

We lead the young children to the "practical life skills”, in order to be able to take care of themselves, to be able to maintain their environment and behave kindly to others. Children, through appropriate activities, develop and improve their basic skills such as concentration of attention, coordination of hand - eye - body and endurance that are seen as important prerequisites for later learning.

In the authentic Montessori classroom you will meet the children who have independently chosen their own activities and specifically move from one activity to another. You can see how your children help each other and put things in place without asking. You will also see signs of unexpected kindness to serve a group as a whole. You will experience the peaceful atmosphere and see how the children can focus for a very long time.

The children are lead by a trained professional, who shows how to work appropriately with the material thee are ready for. The child works independently after such a demonstration. Teacher assesses the needs of each child by observing and introduces the new materials only when the child is ready for the new discoveries. Besides to its direct target everything in the classroom indirectly prepares children for the later learning. Child effortlessly develops new skills.