We are pleased that many children will visit us again, but as an accompaniment of their younger siblings and that parents will again show us their trust and satisfaction with our kindergarten . We are happy that you are satisfied and we can bring not only joy and satisfaction to the children but also to the parents.

  • Martina and Quidko Pokorní

    „When I asked my 4-year-old son a simple question about what he liked about preschool, he said it was the fun of learning Jolly Phonics and the friends he made at preschool. Best Friends Kids Club is a one-of-a-kind preschool that provides children with a professional approach with the child's individuality in mind. Our son comes to preschool smiling and looking forward to what the day has in store for him. The various activities such as yoga, swimming and dancing are always a nice change to our week. He has grown fond of the teachers who are always kind and have close friendships with the children. Their creative ideas and activities provide Quidek with the opportunity to grow and enrich appropriately for his development. We are very happy that Best Friends Kids Club is an important part of Quidko's life and ours. A big thank you to everyone!“
  • Petra Mišúnová with her daughter Margareta

    „The first years of a child's life are certainly the most important ones in his life. That's why we chose Best Friends Kids Club for several reasons when choosing a preschool. First of all, it is an individual approach in all areas, not only social but also those that shape the future "man". Last but not least, it is the teaching in the English language, which is already a necessity for the present and the future.“
  • Parents of Lucky Kanovska

    „After a bad experience with a traditional state kindergarten attended by our older son, we were looking for a better alternative for our daughter. At the time when she was about to start kindergarten, the first English kindergarten in Trencin was opening - Best Friends Kids Club. We enrolled our daughter there and we have to say that it was a very good decision. The classes are taught in English, also directly with a foreign teacher. At the same time, we also welcomed the Montessori teaching, which takes into account the individual needs of each child. They have a rich program for the children - not only the daily one within the kindergarten, but also extraordinary ones that traditional kindergartens do not offer, such as swimming, yoga and dance with extra teachers, experts on the subject, and frequent trips to interesting places. The teachers are very smart, creative, kind and always willing to accommodate and help. We don't have to rush to the preschool in the morning and it is open longer in the afternoon, which is also convenient for us because of work. Our Lucy is very happy here, she looks forward to going to nursery and after a year of listening to English she has learnt a lot from it and is now responding to English questions at home routinely. We would recommend BFKC to anyone who wants the best for their little one.“
  • Parents of Miuška Vraždova

    „Our daughter started attending BFKC when she was two years old and quickly grew to love her new surroundings. The kind and helpful teachers played a big part in this, as did the pleasant environment along with the interesting activities that are always on the agenda. Every day she can look forward to different excursions,trips, sports activities and lots of friends. We, the parents, appreciate most of all the human approach of the staff and the communication in English, which will be very important for our daughter in her life. This kindergarten has met our expectations to the maximum and our smiling child is proof that she is having a great time there. Thank you and we wish her every success.“
  • Igor Kuhajda with daughter Karolina

    „We decided to choose a nursery quite quickly. The most important criterion in our choice was that Karolina should feel the best when we can't be with her! That is, that she would be surrounded by children and people who would ensure the best possible development for her mentally and physically during her day at BFKC. BFKC offers many advantages such as: qualified teachers, superior equipment, modern didactic aids, varied activities, special preschool training, Montesssori (educational process) and of course teaching in English.“